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Hebrew language

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Hebrew language

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Aramaic alphabet

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History of the Arabic alphabet

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Aramaic, like Hebrew, is a Northwest Semitic language, and the two share many features. From the 7th century BCE, Aramaic became the lingua franca of the Middle East. It became the language of diplomacy and trade, but it was not yet used by ordinary Hebrews. Its widespread usage led to the gradual adoption of the Aramaic alphabet for writing the Hebrew language.

Formerly, Hebrew had been written using an alphabet closer in form to that of Phoenician (the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet).

Syriac alphabet

Aramaic, a Semitic language which was the lingua franca of much of the Near East from about 7th century BC until the 7th century AD, when it was largely replaced by Arabic. Classical or Imperial Aramaic was the main language of the Persian, Babylonian and Assyrian empires and spread as far as Greece and the Indus valley.

The Aramaic alphabet was originally adapted from the Phoenician alphabet about the 8th century BC.

Aramaic alphabet

It was first used to write the Aramaic language. [1] It was also used to write several other languages and alphabets including the Hebrew square script. [2]. Read in another language; History of the Arabic alphabet.

In the 2nd or 1st centuries BCE, the first known records of the Nabataean alphabet were written in the Aramaic language (which was the language of communication and trade), for writing on papyrus.

Writing aramaic language wiki
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