Mother any greater distance than a single span simon armitage

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It breaks out of the common sonnet box and takes a leap, fluff as Armitage is about to do, metaphorically sensitive. Simon Armitage, author of ‘Mother any distance’ has written a poem on the pain of moving home and suffering of leaving your parents, from a child’s point of view.

” The child is so dependant on his mother that he needs help on everything that is “any distance greater than a single span”. This shows that the child also loves his. Simon Armitage.

from Book of Matches', “Mother, any distance greater than a single span” from Book of Matches, “My father thought it ” "Homecoming" "November" 'Harmonium' by Simon Armitage ; Sonnet by William Shakespeare ; Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Nov 20,  · This video tells you how to analyse the poet's language and point of view to get an A* when writing about Simon Armitage's "Mother any distance" any distance greater than a single span.

What is the main message of

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Simon Armitage is a contemporary poet, born inwriting right now. 'Mother a Distance Greater than a Single Span', 'My Father ', 'Kid'. Coming of Age also appears as a (dark) Simon Armitage Poetry Analysis for GCSE.

Simon Armitage is saying that a familial love is so strong “Mother any distiance greater than a single span”. The word ‘distance’ shows is a noun. It shows that even though the mother is ‘Mother, any distance’ is written by Simon Armitage is about a parent letting go of their child.


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