Identity is not static

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Two-factor authentication using SMS and email with ASP.NET Identity

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Identity Is Not Static but Always Changing

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Using static IP addresses for Application Load Balancers

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Identity management system

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Critical Concepts "Static" and "Dynamic" Characterization. Curiosity about the possibility and conditions of "change in identity" has been remarkably intense, in fiction and in psychology, during the last century.

Identity formation is defined as the combination of personal, social and cultural experiences that combine to form an individual’s identity. Identity is not static, and never will be; it is the result of continuous interaction with the environment. I created a role based menu for which I followed this tutorial.

Some where down that page you'll see this line of code: String[] roles = unavocenorthernalabama.comesForUser(); It returns all roles of the curr.

Static electricity means the increase of electric charge on the surface of objects. This electric charge remains on an object until it either flows into the ground, or loses its charge quickly by a discharge.

Defination: A static identity is one that does not undergo change and remaining the same at the end as he or she at beginning.

Digital identity

Static identity is based on - Qualification and Awards - power and Position - Past Achievement - Knowledge Gained A Dynamic Identity is one that does undergo an important change.

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Identity is not static
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Using static IP addresses for Application Load Balancers | Networking & Content Delivery