Effect of urbanization on health

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Urbanization and health

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What is Urbanization?

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Urbanization also provides several benefits when there is a well-planned city with proper transportation and residential facilities, reducing pollution problems. xii. Due to better access to health care, educational and social service facilities, infant mortality is less in cities.

Effects of urbanization on animals. Marzluff () summarises the effects that urbanization may have on wildlife. Whilst he had birds in mind, the processes in force would elicit responses from any phyla.

Urbanization changes ecosystem process, habitat, food, predators and. The studies focused on the effect of urbanization on lifestyle, on identifying policies, programmes and interventions that can promote healthy lifestyle in urban areas, and on identifying steps that can be taken to reduce community.

Rapid urbanization matched with continuous population growth will put big pressures on infrastructure, the environment, and the social fabric of cities.

How the world meets the challenge of sustainable development in the face of rapid urbanization will continue to be at the forefront of public policy.

To understand urban health and the phenomenon of urbanization, we must shift our focus away from disease outcomes and toward urban exposures, namely, the characteristics of the urban context that influence health and well-being.

Urbanization was the result of population increase, technological and economic changes which offered opportunities in urban industries and reduced the demand for labor on farms.

The negative effects of urbanization were bad public health, population growth, and pollution.

Effect of urbanization on health
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