Describing pie chart ielts writing answer

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IELTS Writing Task 1: Pie Chart Model Score 9

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A video lesson on pie charts

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IELTS Reading Practice Test 1- General Training module

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See band 9 answer sample for pie chart on IELTS Academic Writing task 1. Learn how to give an ideal answer by following these tips and techniques.

IELTS Academic Writing Task Sample 1

THE ACADEMIC READING TEST. This is a 1 hour test in 3 sections with 40 questions based on 1 reading text per section (ie: 3 reading texts). The length of the Academic reading test will be between and words.

My normal advice for task 2 introductions is this: write two sentences - one to introduce the essay topic, and one to give a basic answer to the question. But what should you put in the second sentence (basic answer) if the question doesn't ask for your opinion?

Here are two example questions: Many people believe that an effective public transport system is a key component of a modern city. This post contains a long training video on how to analyse a pie chart for IELTS writing part 1.

In it, I look at and suggest how to approach a part 1 question. You can be given two pie charts to compare in IELTS writing task 1.

Below are easy steps to write each paragraph in order to describe your pie chart in a complete report.

Describing pie chart ielts writing answer
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